New Website!

I am in the process of setting up a new CMS to host my website (this one). The CMS software is Camaleon, an alternative to Wordpress, based on Ruby on Rails. Rails is an amazing development platform that I have been working with for many years, while programming for the Banff International Research Station.

Since my job takes up most of my time, progress working on this website may be slow. In addition to learning Camaleon, I'm also fixing bugs and contributing code to the Camaleon project. 

I plan to develop a few websites on top of Camaleon. If you'd like me to build you one, please contact me!

I am also setting up a new website to write about Bitcoin. I would like to offer IT services related to this new monetary system, such as payment systems for businesses. For example, I can setup BTCPay Server to accept payments in bitcoin, including via the Lightning Network. By accepting direct payments in this global currency, you eliminate costly merchant fees from 3rd party payment processors, eliminate risk of chargebacks, and take part in the emerging global economy that is separate from the grip of nation states.