Netmojo Systems

Hello, I'm Brent Kearney, a full-stack software developer in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. I've been doing systems administration and web development professionally for about 20 years. I build and maintain Internet servers and services. For web development, my current love affair is with the Ruby on Rails platform — but I've worked with many languages and platforms over the years.

Current Projects

  • Workshops is an open-source web application for managing small conferences. It is custom-made for the unique needs of the Banff International Research Station, but would be useful for any organization hosting workshops or conferences. It is a Ruby on Rails app, built with test-driven development (RSpec), and Bootstrap with JQuery/CoffeeScript on the front-end, the PostgreSQL database, and deployed with Capistrano & Docker.
  • Automated Video Production System: With an amazing partner, I put together the award-winning, fully automated video production, capture, live-streaming, publishing, and archiving system at BIRS. Whats unique about this lecture capture system is that it live-mixes shots from three cameras, reacting to the movements and actions of the presenter. This results in a lively, enjoyable video production that focusses on what is being expressed. The best part is that no human interaction is required, other than entering the schedule of talks in advance and pressing the start/stop button at the beginning and end of lectures. Everything is live-streamed, and published immediately after the talk, with titles, license agreements, and archiving. No editing required. If you are interested in such a system, please contact me.
  • Web Hosting: I am flirting with the idea of offering website building and hosting services using technology that is both simple for the website owner to manage, high performance, secure, and powerful enough to integrate any services that are desired — and is not Wordpress. I'm looking at LocomotiveCMS and/or PushType on the back-end.
  • E-Commerce: I've been getting into Shopify, Amazon and custom e-commerce sites based on Solidus, the upgraded progeny of Spree. I know so many talented, creative people, that its time to bring their creations to the world and get in front of the fire-hose of e-commerce. If you're interested in a technical partner for e-commerce projects, hit me up!
  • Virtual Reality: I have a few VR project ideas on the back-burner. I am especially interested in integrating e-commerce into VR.

Twitter: @netmojo
Github: brentkearney
LinkedIn: brentkearney